Metal Weed Grinder Airport Security

Metal Weed Grinder Airport Security

A metal weed grinder is essential for anyone who likes rolling joints or getting a smooth hit from a vape pen. But do you know that it is illegal to travel out of state with a partially cleaned or uncleaned grinder? The grinder isn't illegal, but the residue, which includes leftover cannabis, kief is illegal.


If you travel with a grinder that smells like cannabis or has the sticky residue of cannabis, it may be challenging to bring it through a customs checkpoint. Traveling with a grinder with traces of cannabis or resin on it is illegal under the federal government.  


Airports in the United States work with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a government agency responsible for screening packages under federal regulations. As of late, the policies regarding flying with cannabis have changed, but the TSA's official policy on cannabis remains the same. According to this policy, marijuana, and cannabis-infused products, such as THC and CBD, are illegal under federal law.


But what about those who travel with metal weed grinders? Are they safe? Staying safe with your metal weed grinder will depend on several factors, including the grinder's sanitary level.


The federal government still considers cannabis as an illegal drug. This means, your favorite weed grinder is considered illegal drug paraphernalia if it has small amounts of cannabis. But although TSA is highly against the transporting of drug paraphernalia under federal law, the agency is less strict on tobacco pipes, personal luggage, and bags.


Since drug paraphernalia is illegal at the federal level, transporting your metal weed grinder through airport security is not advisable, even if your destination has legalized cannabis. Nonetheless, the ability to confiscate your drug paraphernalia will depend on the individual TSA official who inspects your package. The agent has the discretionary power to permit or confine you.


The best way to avoid any chance of hiccups is to clean your metal weed grinder thoroughly. Also, ensure to empty any leftover resin from your metal weed grinder before traveling. Most people who travel with metal weed grinders in their luggage thoroughly clean their equipment with alcohol or a specialized pipe cleaner. Isopropyl alcohol can easily remove cannabis residue from your weed grinder, making it no longer drug paraphernalia but a mere spice grinder.


Keeping your weed grinder in plain sight

Despite cleaning your metal weed grinder, the TSA may still suspect you traveling with a suspicious item once they see it in your luggage.


To avoid getting suspected by the TSA for carrying illegal paraphernalia, keep your clean metal weed grinder in an open space-most commonly known as artful concealment.

Artful concealment is the concealing a suspicious item imaginatively. This can include a hallowing lens case to put a grinder inside. If caught, you will be charged with artful concealment, which involves heavy fines, jail time, and deportation.


Convenience and discreetness

Traveling with metal weed grinders through airport security requires calm and less hesitation. It's better to travel with a small, non-odorous, and non-breakable weed grinder—this saves your luggage from broken glass or strong odors.