How to Clean a Metal Weed Grinder

How to Clean a Metal Weed Grinder

Weed grinders can break up cannabis into small particles. Weed grinders are useful for those who like rolling their cannabis. Regularly using your grinder will mount material, making your grinder to become less productive. A clean grinder is more durable and guarantees ideal functioning. Using rubbing alcohol to clean your dirty metal weed grinder is essential to maintenance.


Metal weed grinders are useful under numerous conditions; however, they may require some upkeep from time to time. You don't have to clean your grinder every day, but once in a while, its essential to do some deep cleaning on your grinder to ensure a prolonged lifespan and better smoking experience.


Recommended tools for cleaning your grinder

It’s easy to clean your weed grinder with household items. You can easily use a toothbrush to scrap any hanging particles that’s found on the screen of your metal weed grinder. Its simple to use a toothbrush to clean up your grinder safely. But it's recommended to dismantle your grinder before using a toothbrush on it. Common tools for cleaning your grinder includes toothbrushes, alcohol, Q tips, containers, 



Steps for cleaning your metal weed grinder

Step 1

Dismantle your grinder and eliminate hidden weed particles by scratching your grinder with a stiff brush or similar equipment.


Step 2

Put high amounts of isopropyl alcohol in an airtight container.


Step 3

Place the dismantled parts into the alcohol-based airtight container and close the lid


Step 4

Allow the dismantled parts to absorb the alcohol for ten minutes. Slowly shake over the alcohol-based container to remove any leftover weed particles that were hanging on the grinder.  


Step 5

Remove the grinder parts from the infused alcohol container and clean out leftover resin with an alcohol-infused q-tips. Also, gently brush the mesh screen used for collecting pollen with a toothbrush.


Step 6

Flush your grinder with water and allow it to dry. When dried, mount all the parts and enjoy your clean grinder.


Final thoughts

Cleaning your grinder is an easy process and most users are usually done in 10-20 minutes. However, there are several precautions to follow especially when it comes to leftover resin and hanging particles on your grinder.


Most cannabis enthusiasts usually clean their grinders by choosing to place a container beneath to collect leftover resin and use it for future consumption. However, this method requires a lot of precautions for the consumer, and it is not recommended.


Remember that the buds are made of compounds that can spoil and decay. Therefore, individuals are advised to regularly clean their grinders and ensure that they are spotless because after some time, fungi, bacteria and mold can infect the leftover resin. Smoking this leftover resin can lead to severe health issues.


Then again, if you regularly clean your metal weed grinder and you want to take advantage of the leftover resin, then ensure to clean it with non-toxic solvents. This also requires checking whether your grinder doesn't contain bacteria.