How Long Can You Keep Joints in Doob Tubes?

How Long Can You Keep Joints in Doob Tubes?

Doob Tubes are explicitly made to store pre-rolls and joints. These are strong, waterproof, and airproof tubes for safely keeping pre-rolled weed. The tubes keep everything intact and shielded from twists and bends.


Most people depend on different ways to store weed. That is essential if you don’t need your excellent buds to turn into something ugly. Everything from air to light can influence your cannabis quality. So how long will doob tubes work to prevent light and moisture from destroying your weed?


Each stoner knows the significance of putting storing weed appropriately so you can get high at any point. Doob tubes can store your pre-rolled joints for months, sparing you the time of continually rolling and buying cannabis. While there are various joint storage methods, doob tubes tend to keep joints for longer, while some people acknowledge keeping joint for almost a year.


Doob tubes can keep rolled cannabis joints for a long time, significantly beyond what you could envision. The storage rate in doob tubes will also depend on several factors, such as the type of weed and the curing method. Weed that is dry and properly cured can be stored for longer periods without any damage. Also, the climate plays a role in the longevity of storage in doob tubes. Storing your weed in a humid climate can attract mold quickly. However, those in dry climatic conditions can store their weed longer in doob tubes.


Despite the climatic condition you live in, doob tubes will maintain the strength, smell and taste of weed for a very long time. When you store a joint inside a doob tube, its shelf-life increases, keeping it delectable and fresh. You know the power of doob tubes when you compare it to other storage methods. Soring your weed in a basic container can last several days. However, using doob tubes will maintain your weed's potency for up to 6 months, and when you light it up in the future, it will still give the same hit as when bought.


Storing your weed for longer will require several procedures to follow. First, you have to ensure not to expose your weed to moisture. Also, ensure to keep to doob tubes close to prevent air from diminishing its strength. Using the correct storage technique is very influential in the time factor of doob tubes.


Doob tubes can store joints for a significant long time, particularly if the plant material utilized inside them has been appropriately dried and cured. Most of us know that moisture is terrible for weed. And the ability to avoid moisture will also increase the storage time.


Putting your joints inside a doob tube will positively extend its shelf life, hence keeping it new and tasteful until the time you decide to take a hit. So how long can you keep joints in doob tubes? It will depend on users' preferences. If you smoke regularly, it might not last long because you will be opening and closing the lit, enabling air to enter the tube. However, if you are not a regular smoker, you can place your joint in a doob tube and leave it for about 2-6 months without touching it and still retain the joint's potency and taste.