Do Doob Tubes Really Work?

Do Doob Tubes Really Work?

A doob tube is one of the easiest and effective methods to conceal the smell of cannabis. You can use it to store your half blunts, fresh and dry buds. Doob tubes will cut most of the odor from your cannabis, allowing you to go places without worrying about any lingering cannabis smell. Cannabis enthusiasts are wary about doob tubes, but some are still skeptical about these tubes' effectiveness. But do they work? Read more to learn.


The Doob Tube is a well-designed container for storing your pre-rolled joints. Apart from holding joints, a doob tube can easily hold blunts and cigarettes. The joints placed in these tubes are called ‘doobs’ or ‘doobies.


These containers come in a small and compact form, making them easy to fit in anyone’s pocket. Specially crafted to keep your joints odor-free and discreet, Doob Tubes are great for those on the move.  


Several years ago, most people considered doob tubes as a cardboard toilet paper tube filled with fragrant dryer sheets. Cannabis smokers used to use these tubes to blow smoke through it and masking the smell of cannabis smoke.


The doob tube container is designed to be very discreet and easy to carry. Doob tubes come in varying sizes, colors, and shapes. Based on your preference, you can choose a doob tube that easily folds in your palms. All doob tubes are completely smell-proof, reducing the stress of constantly worrying about the smell of pungent weed. Apart from confining the smell of cannabis, the container preserves your weed, keeping it fresh and potent.


Furthermore, doob tubes prevent any moisture from entering your cannabis. These tubes have a very tight lid and an airtight seal beneath the lid to prevent air from entering the cannabis.


The typical dimensions for doob tubes range from four to five inches long. This is to ensure that it easily fits in your pocket. The containers used for doob tubes are high-grade plastic, prone to cuts and cracks, making them ideal for traveling.


Are doob tubes effective? Yes. Here is why

They keep pre-rolls fresh and enhance the ability to enjoy cannabis  

Most users go through several processes to protect their dried cannabis flower, including placing it in a non-humid environment. This methodology also goes for pre-rolls. However, keeping your pre-rolls in a non-secure manner can make it to loosen up. That’s why it’s essential to use doob tubes to protect them from physical damage (bending or breaking).


When you keep your joints directly under light and moisture, they will become susceptible to mold and lose its potency. The joints will also eventually lose their taste and smell. In most instances, the worst thing that can happen to your joint is that it becomes stale, burns faster, and offers a harsher hit because the cannabis inside has dried out.


Doob tubes are the best way to keep your joints fresh and secured in a proper ‘air-tight’ manner that prevents moisture, light, and accidental damage.