Benefits of Mylar Bags as Cannabis Packaging

Benefits of Mylar Bags as Cannabis Packaging

Mylar bags originated from the DuPont Chemical Company during the early 50s. It’s a bag that consists of a polyester film manufactured from a material called stretched polyethylene tetraphalate. Since it originated in the market, polyethylene tetraphalate has had multiple uses. It is used as a packaging material for many high-end companies that produce helium balloons, solar filters, emergency blankets, and insulators.


Why are mylar bags used to pack cannabis?

The ease of Mylar bags has become a trend in most packaging industries. One industry that is benefiting from mylar bags is the cannabis industry. The thin, lightweight, and durable material offered by mylar bags is beneficial in cannabis bud preservation.  Here are the key benefits of mylar bags as cannabis packaging.


Mylar maintains flowers freshness

Due to its chemical composition, Mylar is great at preserving cannabis products and other consumables, making them last longer. It works well to maintain freshness and ensures that your buds don’t lose potency. Mylar bags are prone to water and air, which means dry products like cannabis last until you need them.


Most dispensaries use mylar bags to extend the shelf life of their products during the pandemic. Customers will also benefit from using mylar bags because their purchases will remain fresh for longer.


Mylar has different functions

The chemical composition of mylar bags is in the form of a flexible plastic sheeting. This material is also used in making helium balloons, yogurt lids, coffee pouches, roasting bags, and related products.


In the cannabis packaging industry, Mylar bags are the best way to safeguard flowers. High-quality mylar bags come in varying shapes and sizes, including pre-roll, 3.5 grams and full ounce. This wide choice makes it easy to store any amount of cannabis.


Mylar is can easily be transported and stored

To successfully package cannabis, you will need bags that work for different purposes. If you are a seller, you need bags that can store your product before purchase and ensures it remains fresh even after purchase. These features can only come from Mylar bags.


The durability of Mylar makes it good enough for long-term storage and easy transportation to different locations. Mylar as a packaging material is puncture-resistant, which means it will be in the same condition even if it falls.


Mylar is of great quality 

Mylar has the quality you can see even from a distance. Touching it is like feeling coffee in a pouch. You can toss it around in your room and still not worry about any damage.


Mylar bags can also block UV light and air. This is probably the best material you can use to package cannabis or any other product.


Mylar is resistant to light 

You can pack cannabis in Ziploc or vacuum-sealed bags but it won’t be as effective as mylar bags. That’s because mylar bags are opaque. Mylar bags are not prone to light, which leads to the decay of the cannabis buds. Using plastics that absorb light can make your cannabis buds to change color, loose odor, and taste. Mylar bags ensure that your cannabis buds don’t receive light and ensure your buds remain potent and tasteful.